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Aug 16, 2019

SMS is has become a commonplace form of communication. Notifications have become the normal. The ease of communication has opened up opportunities to contact customers on a more personable, direct way.

One company has taken a direction in harnessing the power of SMS for smart and intelligent communication for...

Aug 9, 2019

In the space of insuretech, there is a lot of opportunity. Efficiency opportunity, growth opportunity, distribution opportunity, and more. 

Growing a startup may involve an acquisition of funds, resources, and support to gain those opportunities. One such company that provides these opportunities is American...

Aug 2, 2019

Not many people have a front row seat to insuretech. To see ideas and concepts from conception to reality, to watch the wave of innovation crash on the shores of the insurance industry.

Our guest this week has the unique experience of having perspectives from boots on the ground to director, a full scope of knowledge...

Jul 26, 2019

The rise of IoT (Internet of Things) has given customers the connectivity, and ability, to control and monitor their property. Partnering IoTs with insurance has created a new experience and changed the way that insurance providers interact with their customers and provide services. 

Notion is one of those companies...

Jul 19, 2019

Writing a book takes content and a timeline.

Being a thought leader requires identifying problems and finding solutions. 

Becoming a keynote speaker requires certain depth of knowledge and familiarity.

These are things that require time, experience, and motivation. These things have all been done by Rob Galbraith, the...