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Dec 31, 2020

[Note: At the time of this episode's recording in November, David was employed with Comcast. We congratulate David on his new role as VP of Growth Initiatives at Hippo Insurance.]

On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by David Wechsler, GM of InsurTech Initiatives at Comcast.

As the leader of insuretech initiatives at one of, if not, the largest global providers of content and data services, it’s important to stay aware and relevant when it comes to the trends of consumers. As IoT is becoming more mainstream and relevant, our guest has been able to foster relationships and connections with insuretechs and insurance carriers.

We had the opportunity to have David on to speak his mind and expertise.

Join David, Rob, & Lee as they discuss: David’s role as the GM of InsurTech Initiatives, Comcast’s acquisition of insuretech Notion and collaboration with Hippo Insurance; Data and content services in relation to insurance services; The future of IoT and insurance; and more.