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Oct 8, 2021

On this episode of FNO: InsureTech, Rob and Lee talk with Pascal Millaire, CEO of CyberCube.

CyberCube delivers data-driven cyber analytics built specifically for the insurance industry. CyberCube is focused on solving the most difficult and important cyber risk challenges in insurance with world-class analytics.

The CyberCube platform was established in 2015 by Symantec to apply the cyber security company’s unique sources of data, intelligence and expertise to cyber insurance analytics and now operates as a standalone company with continued access to Symantec data and resources.

Join Pascal, Rob, and Lee as they discuss:

  • CyberCube’s focus on cyber risk
  • the challenges that come with cyber risk and data involved
  • CyberCube origin and Pascal’s transition into the spinoff
  • loss ratios and protecting your cyber identity; and more.