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Aug 13, 2023

Dive into the world of insurance innovation with Dan Reed, Managing Director of American Family Ventures, as he returns as our guest. Dan shares a big announcement: the closing of AFVs fourth fund, showcasing their growth, their approach to raising capital, how it’s different from previous funds, and how they're expanding their team and network.


Dan and the crew talk about future predictions and innovations in insurtech and the role of technologies like ChatGPT. Dan also details the Venture Follows program and its impact, and offers those hard hitting questions we all want to know — like why do left-handers seem to have more fun?


Learn More:

Dan Reed: LinkedIn

American Family Ventures


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[7:15] Dan comes out of the bullpen to join the show.

[9:43] Not to brag, but Dan’s previous episode with us was the only podcast his mother has ever listened to. Check it out HERE.

[10:49] Dan shares his big announcement. He is proud to share that they have closed their fourth fund.

[11:36] How did the process of raising capital go?

[12:34] Having a larger fund allows them to expand the team and the network.

[12:50] Was the reception different for fund four than it was for fund three?

[14:40] The strategic engagement model that is at the heart of investing.

[13:58] How American Family Ventures was able to build out their team and capabilities during the process of investing.

[17:53] What does the platform look like for investors?

[19:45] Is there a focus they’ve gone after for all funds?

[21:50] What is on the edge of insurtech and what is Dan finding interesting right now in space?

[29:32] Dan talks about his “second bridge” theory.

[35:17] How do we drive efficiency in the insurance process?

[36:22] Why does ChatGPT matter to insurtech?

[38:02] Dan talks about a few portfolio companies including Tire Agent.

[48:42] A non-mathematical way of understanding the power laws of investment.

[51:55] Dan details the Venture Fellows program.

[53:26] Dan and the crew discuss Branch Insurance.

[1:00:12] Has the VC marketplace shrunk around InsureTech? Is it smaller and less sexy than it was before?