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Aug 18, 2023

Join us as Rob and Lee sit down with Adam Menszer, the newly promoted CIO of Alacrity Solutions. Adam brings his expertise to the table, shedding light on his multifaceted role and delving into the exciting realm of InsureTech. With a keen eye for innovation, he offers insights into his journey, spanning back to his Alacrity days from 2005. Adam shares his thoughts on the evolving landscape of technology and security, how he and his team navigate the intricacies of buying InsureTech and the conversations he is hearing around the power of AI. At the end of the episode, stay tuned to hear Adam’s answers on the pressing questions around both his engagement and the best time for a celebratory crawfish boil. 


Learn More:

Adam Menszer: LinkedIn 

Alacrity Solutions


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[5:42] Adam joins the show and talks a bit about his upbringing. 

[9:00] How the industry has evolved and the major changes Adam has seen. 

[10:02] How does Adam keep up with all the emerging technology? 

[12:59] What does a typical day of Adam’s look like? 

[15:31] Why does the IT department seem to be thrown under the bus? 

[18:01] Some of the challenges Adam’s team faces at Alacrity of acquiring so many new businesses. 

[19:47] The overhead associated with maintaining the security responsibilities. 

[22:20] User behavior is a huge thing, and how they make security a priority for users. 

[28:15] What does Adam look for in InsureTech companies he works with? 

[32:04] Building the Alacrity mobile app. 

[39:04] What are some of the conversations Adam is hearing around AI? 

[42:43] Blending a culture together from people with different backgrounds, both personally and professionally. 

[43:57] What’s up with Adam’s 7 year engagement?