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Aug 25, 2023

This week, Lee welcomes Michael Nadel, Senior Director at Simon Kucher and Partners, where he works on the insurance vertical and guides carriers of all sizes through the intricate landscape of insurance. In this episode, Michael talks about some of the hot topics in the insurance world now, including the evolving role of AI in sales and how we can keep that human element alive, along with the strategies insurers employ to tackle the challenges posed by climate change while ensuring profitability. Michael also talks about the importance of listening to your customer base to make sure you are providing the right type of value.


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Michael Nadel: LinkedIn

Simon Kucher


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[5:02] Michael joins the show and talks about his role at Simon Kucher and what they provide for their clients.

[7:01] The two primary levels at which Simon Kucher helps Insurtech.

[7:53] Michael talks about the importance of listening to your customers and making sure that what you are offering adds value.

[11:35] Are the big carriers still focusing on innovation?

[13:15] Michael covers some hot topics in the insurance industry, starting with how we keep things personalized while AI rapidly evolves.

[18:02] The use of chatbots in the insurance industry.

[20:18] How AI will change the insurance landscape.

[29:33] The current conversation around climate change and insurance.

[33:53] The impact of personalized marketing on the insurance industry. Does a birthday card from our carrier really make a difference?

[37:41] How does a personal carrier compare to a commercial carrier?