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Sep 8, 2023

Get ready to address the YES this week with guest Will Bazeley, the Founder and CEO of Roof Marketplace, a technology company that’s changing the way insurance is done when it comes to roofing and roof estimates. In the conversation, Will talks about the ways carriers are using Roof Marketplace, and how they are working to solve a big problem to bring some order to an otherwise potentially crazy area. Will talks about the emerging tech in the roofing industry, and how Roof Marketplace is providing a solution to make the customer experience easier, all while helping roofers get their job done easier and more efficiently. 


Learn More:

Will Bazeley: LinkedIn 

Roof Marketplace 


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[7:03] Will joins the show and talks about the path that led him to Roof Marketplace. 

[8:00] Is Roof Marketplace a venture backed organization? 

[8:32] Roof Marketplace was part of Creative Destruction Lab’s first entrance of companies, and a lot of good came out of it. 

[9:15] The decision to rebuild Roof Marketplace’s whole platform from scratch. 

[9:39] So, what exactly does Roof Marketplace do? 

[12:07] Why 94% of the insurance carriers that use Roof Marketplace give it a thumbs up. 

[16:33] Annually, carriers spend about $20 billion on roof related claims. 

[21:14] How much the average roof costs in America. 

[24:22] Will talks about their (trademarked) motto “address the yes”! 

[26:30] The work stream for a carrier and how the technology fits in. 

[27:52] Will talks about where the revenue for Roof Marketplace comes from. 

[31:08] Making sure Roof Marketplace has the right roofers and partnering with leading industry partners to make sure they are getting the highest quality professionals. 

[35:09] Who makes the decision on which roofer is going to be used? 

[45:03] How the service helps homeowners get things done easier and in less time. 

[44:26] Will talks about how Roof Marketplace is less a contractor network and more a technology and InsureTech platform. 

[46:53] Does Roof Marketplace effect Loss Adjustment Expense?