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Sep 15, 2023

We sit down with the insurance powerhouse, Bobbie Collies, the Chief Growth Officer at Coterie Insurance where the grasp of her role, her business, and her clients shines through. Bobbie takes us on a journey through Coterie's model, offering insurance agents lightning-fast quotes through automated self-service capabilities, a technology that's continually getting smarter. She unveils exciting plans for 2024 and proudly wears her title of an "insurance nerd." With two decades in and around underwriting, she reflects on how technology has transformed the industry and shares her current perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of disruption in the insurance world. 


Learn More:

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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[6:28] Why is there so much insurance based out of Wisconsin? 

[8:40] Bobbie gives her elevator pitch on Coterie and their mission. 

[10:02] Of all the many companies that offer insurance to small businesses and startups, why should they choose Coterie? 

[10:58] What will automated self service capabilities look like, and what is My Digital Agency? 

[12:32] Who is a good insurer for Coterie? 

[13:42] Who is the distribution channel? 

[18:42] Bobbie proves that she is an insurance nerd, through and through. 

[21:11] Bobbie talks about her role overseeing the underwriting side as well. 

[24:47] The push and pull between tech and insurance. 

[28:19] For Coterie at the present moment, the demand is greater than the supply. 

[30:54] Going to the target market. 

[31:19] Coterie’s recent deal with ZestyAI

[33:33] What seems to be the number one concern from carriers? 

[34:26] What has changed in underwriting? 

[36:03] Is there really disruption in the industry, or is it just meaningful change?