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Oct 6, 2023

In this episode, we're diving into the world of technology and innovation with special guest Paul Donald, co-founder and CEO of Encircle. Paul shares his journey from riding the wave at Research In Motion during the Blackberry era to co-founding Encircle, a company with a vision to bring top technology companies together and create a holistic solution. Join us as Paul discusses the fascinating work his company is doing, from driving efficiency to serving customers by harnessing clean data and simplifying the claims process. He talks about the restoration software system itself, what it offers to the marketplace, and how the technology can give simple, clean results that save time and energy.


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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[6:54] Intro to Encircle, a software platform focused on field documentation.

[9:51] How the camera and the phone got together.

[11:21] What Encircle offers to the marketplace.

[13:02] The positive attributes of Encircle’s visual and tactile-oriented process.

[13:06] Driving efficiency through their digital format.

[16:56] How Encircle’s technology can remove bias and human errors.

[20:17] Involvement in the restoration field and what Paul learned after spending 4 months in the field.

[22:33] How does Encircle eliminate or streamline some of the many technologies that are out there?

[23:07] How fragmented the property claims industry is, particularly from a technology standpoint.

[26:28] Encircle’s partnerships with data scientists.

[28:48] Trusting data integrity.

[32:12] The software provides educational and remote coaching opportunities.

[32:36] How are the videos stored?

[38:55] What does Encircle do to stand out? Paul talks about their exciting partnerships.

[41:12] Research In Motion.

[43:10] Where can we find Paul and the Encircle team this year?