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Nov 17, 2023

This week, we have the pleasure of being joined by Alex Martin, the CEO and Co-Founder of Clearspeed. Alex shares a glimpse into the interesting founding story of Clearspeed and its journey, transitioning from delivering outstanding results in the military sector to expanding into the realm of insurance. Alex explains the intricacies of how Clearspeed operates, emphasizing its role in swiftly establishing trust to expedite clearance processes and enable more informed, scalable decision-making. He sheds light on the significance of the insurance sector, highlighting it as a pivotal focus in every business decision made, and talks about going into a new industry with humility and the desire to always learn more.


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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[3:30] Alex dials in from the Property Insurance Conference.

[4:18] What is Clearspeed?

[5:15] How Clearspeed has evolved since starting in 2016 as a mostly military-founded group.

[9:46] The magic in Clearspeed’s functions and technology as a voice analytics technology company.

[10:14] What are they listening for in the 5-minute phone call?

[11:55] Using AI to analyze answers to questions and categorize individuals as low, possible, or high risk for fraud.

[16:10] Why did Clearspeed evolve into the insurance industry, and what has that journey been like for Alex?

[18:58] The revolution of voice technology and AI in insurance.

[22:44] Clearspeed has won multiple awards. What is their philosophy on entering a new market, such as insurance?

[24:04] Finding Clearspeed’s first adopters.

[27:21] Balancing trust with caution, and having tools that can strengthen our gut intuitions to weed out those who are bad vs. those who are just trying to do the right thing.

[37:56] Clearspeed’s multiple arms still includes the military, and branching out to many industries, including the world of sports.

[42:41] What keeps Alex motivated and excited about Clearspeed and what the company is doing?