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Jan 19, 2024

The cat is out of the bag! Nearmap acquired Betterview, and Rob and Lee have brought Co-Founder and CEO David Lyman on to tell us all about the big news. David talks about the critical pivot that led Betterview to where they are today, and the lessons learned about falling in love with the problem instead of the solution. David shares more behind the details of the acquisition, and what we can expect as the capabilities of both companies come together.

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Episode with Patrick Quigley 


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[5:42] David walks us down memory lane on his background in technology, how he met the other David, and how Betterview came to be.

[9:49] Reaching out to the folks at Nearmap.

[10:46] What exactly does Betterview do?

[11:40] A software platform that allows for a combination of automated and manual workflows.

[12:30] Giving scores in addition to providing data.

[14:58] Betterview’s first customers were RSI customers, David Tobias’s family inspection business.

[15:14] Falling in love with the problem, and not the solution.

[17:01] Breaking the news to investors about the pivot, and getting immediate support.

[19:35] David walks us through what happens after the decision to pivot is made.

[21:36] What was the secret sauce that made them stand out from their competitors?

[26:14] The reason they’ve gotten more into claims.

[27:08] More about the partnership.

[31:10] What can we expect in the future with Betterview and Nearmap?

[34:35] Does David think the future holds more data consolidation companies?

[38:06] Computer vision is a subset of AI.

[42:46] How will David celebrate the big win?