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Jan 26, 2024

It’s all about AI this week as Rob and Lee welcome Sri Ramaswamy, Founder and CEO of Charlee.AI. Sri talks about her journey into artificial intelligence, and how it’s evolved over the course of a decade and growing interest in AI within the industry. She shares more about the capabilities of Charlee, a trained model for insurance, and highlights the significance of using data in the right way to get accurate results. Sri talks more about Charlee’s technology and how it can help identify and prioritize fraudulent claims.

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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

 [5:50] Sri, a self-described “data lover” joins from Silicon Valley and talks about her upbringing in India and Australia before coming to the United States.

[9:19] How Charlee.AI came to be.

[10:54] Sri discusses working for a software company in Boston.

[11:18] What unstructured data means in insurance claims.

[18:05] The three triangle points in your expenses, reserves, and the actual indemnity.

[19:22] More about how Charlee AI’s technology works.

[24:33] How Charlee AI both compares and contrasts with Chat GPT.

[25:43] The claims language model.

[28:55] Charlee has analyzed more than 55 million claims.

[30:43] How Charlee works with the claim department.

[33:54] Charlee AI helps identify and prioritize problematic claims.

[34:57] Claims litigation.

[39:57] What is Charlee’s secret sauce for success?

[41:24] Who are their customers?

[43:00] How Charlee AI helps with claim reserving.