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Feb 9, 2024

This episode features Chin Ma, Co-Founder and President at Chrp Technologies, a fascinating technology that allows underwriters insight into the home of the insured and to reduce losses. Chin talks about how Chrp was created and explains how the technology helps to underwrite accurately and get the insured involved in the process, providing help where it’s needed. 


Learn More:


Chin Ma LinkedIn 


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[6:40] What is Chrp, and how did they build the technology? 

[9:32] What was the problem that Chin’s partner and Chrp founder Micah set out to solve? 

[11:27] Testing their hypothesis. 

[13:08] Are homes more complicated now? 

[15:06] How is what Chrp does in underwriting different from what is typically done? 

[18:00] How Chrp can provide a more comprehensive view using AI. 

[19:14] Chrp provides homeowners repair insights and connects them to contractors for help. 

[23:37] The process of getting homeowners involved. 

[29:20] What Chin means when he says the program should demonstrate a level of “teeth”. 

[31:29] A new way to look at customized premiums. 

[32:14] The reports they the underwriters are seeing.

[36:14] Chrp’s repair network, working with the best contractors in the country. 

[38:26] The company’s growth and future.