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Feb 16, 2024

Rob and Lee welcome in Bob Marshall, Co-Founder and CEO of Whisker Labs. Bob talks about their flagship solution, Ting, which draws on decades of electromagnetic and atmospheric sensor technology to protect communities and prevent electrical fires, while also monitoring the resiliency and safety of the U.S. electrical grid. Bob shares more about the many ways Ting is taking the relationship with insurers to a new level while also gaining valuable insights. He highlights some real case studies where Ting has helped to save homes, and explains the rewarding impact of their work. 


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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[8:16] Bob joins the show to talk about his background in engineering and how Whisker Labs came to be. 

[10:00] The unfortunate fire in Bob’s family that served as inspiration to take engineering and apply it to the common issue of electrical fires. 

[14:00] How the TingFire technology works and monitors the home wiring. 

[17:06] Closing the loop and delivering the best experience possible to the customer. 

[18:10] Ting does not replace, but instead compliments fire alarms. 

[18:54] How Ting uses AI to analyze data and detect issues anywhere. 

[20:00] Providing documentation and data in great detail. 

[25:01] Ting’s partnerships with insurers that offer the service for free to customers. 

[30:51] Ting is currently saving 15 homes from fires per day on average. They've notified homeowners of 8,000 potential fire risks so far.

[38:16] Contributing to water losses as well. 

[44:13] Providing compassion, education and support for the customer. 

[44:58] Older homes are more likely to have issues, but not as much as one may think. 

[47:44] Ting has over 100 employees, and is growing at a great speed.