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May 24, 2019

“We’re not doing the internet of things. We’re doing the internet of dumb things, retrofitting the smart into place.” - Roel Peeters

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Everyone is talking about the internet of things.

Turning the physical objects of our home into cloud-enabled, smart devices that communicate with each other seems like the way our society should be shifting.

But have we taken it too far with new innovations like smart dishwashers and smart refrigerators?

Roel Peeters, the Founder & CEO of Roost says so.

And on today’s episode of FNO: InsureTech, we are discussing Roost, the technology behind it, and how his IoT company differs from the rest. Roost is transforming homeowners and commercial insurance with smart, in-home solutions—by partnering with some of the most innovative insurance companies in the world to deliver telematics for the home.

Tune in to this episode to hear Roel’s insights on IoT-based insurance solutions.

The concept of the internet of things is not a justification in and of itself to start replacing stuff around the home. That’s why I always focus on: what’s the problem you’re solving.” - Roel Peeters

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The FNO: Tips

  • Insurance companies write a combined $42 billion worth of claims checks every year
  • 25% of the insurance coverage cost is from fire-related claims
  • Most of the communication between customer and insurance provider is mutually negative (ex: renewal check, or time of claim)
  • If you want to impact claims, most insurance companies respond, ”Show me the data.”
  • Drill down on the problem an IoT-based solution is trying to solve

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