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Mar 29, 2024

This week, Rob and Lee welcome an esteemed panel including four of the founding members of the InsurTech Coalition: Austin Bailey from Branch, Scott Fischer from Lemonade, Jeremy Dietch from Boost and Rachael Dugan from Indigo. Together, they talk about the mission of the InsurTech Coalition and benefits of membership, the Coalition’s aim to shape regulation through education and transparency, and how we can better use technology responsibly in insurance. 


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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[5:10] The four guests introduce themselves and how they got into the Coalition.

[9:32] What is the InsurTech Coalition? 

[12:35] What is the shared goal of the InsurTech Coalition? 

[14:33] Being proactive vs reactive in regulation.

[16:12] The Coalition aims to become more proactive in shaping regulation for insurance and technology.

[21:03] The proactive nature of the Coalition’s work and a collaboration process at all steps. 

[22:14] The Coalition’s ultimate mission isn't to disrupt regulation, it is to better work with regulation. 

[23:49] The challenge of technology outpacing laws and regulations. 

[26:11] The core objectives of responsible use of technology in insurance. 

[32:07] The evolution of the Coalition. 

[33:06] Timeliness of AI adoption in the insurance industry.

[35:16] Collaboration despite competition.