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Jun 28, 2024

Rob and Lee mix things up in this lighthearted, host-only episode! They chat about homeowners insurance, its exclusion from inflation calculations, and the importance of proper coverage. Lee also shares insights from a recent industry event, sparking a discussion on A.I.'s impact on insurance, including fraud risks and its transformative potential.

Time stamps

00:00 Introduction to the FNO: InsureTech Podcast

00:25 The Impact of Inflation on Homeowner Insurance

01:59 Comparing Homeowner and Auto Insurance Costs

03:13 The Importance of Proper Insurance Coverage

04:57 Challenges in Shopping for Auto Insurance

09:43 The Role of Insurance Agents

14:25 Insights from the National Flood Conference

15:20 The Implications of A.I. in Insurance

20:43 Reflections on Technological Advancements

25:22 Conclusion and Final Thoughts