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Aug 16, 2019

SMS is has become a commonplace form of communication. Notifications have become the normal. The ease of communication has opened up opportunities to contact customers on a more personable, direct way.

One company has taken a direction in harnessing the power of SMS for smart and intelligent communication for businesses.

On this week’s episode of FNO: InsureTech, we are joined by Alex Beller, Co-Founder/President of Postscript ( Postscript (Y Combinator W19 participant), is a messaging platform that lets you easily create and manage SMS marketing campaigns with detailed analytics designed to increase sales and revenue.

FNO: InsureTech Podcast interviews leaders from insuretech and insurance to get fresh ideas and unique perspectives on how technology is disrupting and transforming the industry. We bring stories, trends, and useful insights to our audience from carriers, insuretech companies, service providers, and various industry groups. New episodes each week.

FNO: InsureTech Podcast is created and produced by Fourseventy Claim Management.


FNO: InsureTech Podcast