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Sep 20, 2019

Weather is the lifeblood of claims. It can be the decisionmaker, the telltale sign, the cause. 

One company has taken its roots in the weather, providing data points that can be used in predicting claims patterns and insights and determining when an insurer should file a claim.  

On this week’s episode of FNO: InsureTech, we are joined by Demetrius Gray, CEO & Co-Founder of WeatherCheck. WeatherCheck monitors properties for hail damage so that insurance carriers, mortgage companies, and property owners can take action. Their out-of-the-box solution provides detailed modeling without the need for additional, costly resources.

Join us as Demetrius shares:

  • WeatherCheck’s technology and data collection and insight
  • WeatherCheck’s relationships with insurance agents and brokers
  • his thoughts on the future of insuretech
  • and more!

FNO: InsureTech Podcast interviews leaders from insuretech and insurance to get fresh ideas and unique perspectives on how technology is disrupting and transforming the industry. We bring stories, trends, and useful insights to our audience from carriers, insuretech companies, service providers, and various industry groups. New episodes each week.

FNO: InsureTech Podcast is created and produced by Fourseventy Claim Management.

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