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May 8, 2020

On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Assaf Wand, CEO & Co-Founder of Hippo Insurance.

Since 2015, Hippo Insurance has leveraged and married modern insurance practices with modern technology, offering smarter products to meet modern demands. Hippo has also taken a proactive approach to home insurance, utilizing smart home devices to detect current and mitigate future problems. We sat down and talked with Assaf Wand to learn more.

Join Assaf, Lee, and Rob as they discuss:

  • the origin and beginning of Hippo.
  • Hippo’s approach in being a proactive insurance company.
  • Hippo’s new telemaintenance service, Hippo Home Care (formerly Sheltr).
  • the balance of insurance and technology in being an insuretech.

To learn about Hippo Insurance, visit:
To learn more about Hippo Home Care, visit:

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