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Feb 22, 2019

“When an insurer sends claim information to us—we’re the clearing house, the stewards of their data.” - Mike Fulton

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Self-driving cars are scary.

Are we really going to hand over our fate to algorithms and microchips? Whether we know it or not—we already are are, with technologies like lane...

Feb 16, 2019

“Our view is that being a professional drone pilot is a new class of skilled labor.” - Dan Burton

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Drones are all the buzz.

We hear about Amazon now delivering packages via drone flight and our neighbor getting the newest drone for Christmas—but what do these mini-UFOs mean for the world of...

Feb 8, 2019

“There’s been tremendous growth in the number and complexity of cyber attacks that take place.” - Gary Sullivan

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We’re all living physical and digital lives.

And for insurance, this means we must be covered in both worlds. For the physical, we have our traditional insurance models—property,...

Feb 1, 2019

“We try to not just focus on the measurement piece of it, but the context piece as well.” - Andy Greff

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For property claims, the outside is much easier to assess than the inside.

Whether it’s via drones or actual adjusters on site—pulling information from the exterior of a property requires very...