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May 10, 2019

“If you can track a pizza on Domino’s—surely you can track where you are on your claim.” - James Swayze

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It’s hard to quantify just how valuable data is.

We hear the news stories about corporations mining our behavior and reselling it as datasets. But really, how valuable can these facts be?

It turns out that in the insurance industry, access to all parts of a customer journey with his/her own property—that dataset can significantly improve the claims process.

That’s why on today’s episode of FNO: InsureTech—we are joined by James Swayze. James is an Executive at CoreLogic, in charge of claims and the Symbility platform inside the CoreLogic family. James originally planned to get into the film production industry but the insurance sector appeared in his life as an opportunity to quickly pay off his travel bills. Today James is an acknowledged expert on the application of technology in the insurance sector, a regular contributor to key industry publications and a sought-after speaker.

Tune in to this episode to hear James distill the often confusing intersection of data and the insurance industry.

“Customer choice drives further adoption.” - James Swayze

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The FNO: Tips

  • CoreLogic’s objective is to help people find, acquire, and protect their largest asset (which is their home)
  • The more open the API, the more flexibility the customer has
  • Look at how Google offers their applications on Apple devices for why the customer should choose
  • There is a fear in the United States that too much information empowers the policyholder to become litigious
  • The auto insurance has always been about 10 years ahead of other insurance sectors

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