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Mar 9, 2024

Rob and Lee chat about their recent trip to London and then welcome Danny Chatziprodromou, CEO and Co-Founder of REOR20. Danny talks about how REOR20 is applying AI to revolutionize flood risk assessment and underwriting, and how the innovative technology could transform the flood insurance industry. He details more about how their physics-based AI model is one of a kind and provides more accurate risk predictions, allowing for a transformative solution for engineering-focused underwriting.


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Danny on LinkedIn


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[7:24] Danny explains more about the meaning and name REOR20.

[9:11] Fun Fact: Danny wanted to become a Formula One engineer as a child.

[11:03] REOR20 coming out of stealth mode.

[11:48] Winning Lloyd's competition, Lloyd's of London.

[12:33] Building deep tech, AI that understands physics.

[16:47] What REOR20 brings to the market.

[23:44] Rewriting the thinking and methodology that has been in place.

[25:18] How would this affect claim management?

[27:45] REOR20 working with insurance directly.

[30:05] Winning the Lloyd Labs contest and what they got out of the collaboration.

[32:11] Flooding is the #1 catastrophe on Earth.

[33:17] REOR’s customer base.

[38:24] REOR is a deep technology company, but it was an organic fit with the InsurTech space.

[40:10] The issue of AI working with the dynamics of physics.

[42:15] Teaching AI the components of mathematics.

[42:42] Building the fluid dynamics engine.

[45:13] What is it like to be at the forefront of AI?