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Mar 22, 2024

This week, Rob and Lee welcome Ali Azhar, Chief Business Development Officer at HOVER to discuss the company's growth and innovations. Ali talks about leading the charge to work on the current verticals in construction, insurance and moving into new verticals. He discusses HOVER's journey from 2018 and all the changes that have occurred since then. Ali also shares insights into HOVER's commitment to hiring top talent and how artificial intelligence has shaped the company since its early days and their vision for the future through emerging technologies.


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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[7:06] Ali joins from Franklin, TN. 

[7:20] Ali shares more about his career history and his family coming to New Jersey by way of Afghanistan. 

[10:08] Ali’s growth from a traditional sales leadership role to CRO, focusing on optimizing core businesses and developing new markets. 

[12:29] Starting with the construction vertical and scaling to home improvement. 

[15:05] Insurance is the fastest growing sector. 

[16:40] Monetizing AI-powered design tool for contractors.

[19:50] HOVER’s leadership never wavered in their commitment to deliver a solution that would provide incredibly high utility and value to the end consumer. 

[21:10] HOVER provides more than measurements.  

[24:00] The magic moment of using HOVER’s technology. 

[25:35] A counterbalance between the needs of pro users as well as policy holders.

[30:45] Why is construction the largest vertical? 

[33:20] The importance of human psychology in implementing technology. 

[38:26] HOVER’s great hiring philosophy - if you want to work there, you have to be nice! 

[41:02] Product development and what can we expect in HOVER’s future? 

[44:56] AI’s impact on Hover.